Finding Balance

I was talking with Frank Arcabascio, of Redken Saloon Salon the other day and we were discussing the Life Coach ‘Wheel of Life’ (see above).  The Wheel of Life is a tool that helps you consider each area of your life and assess what’s off balance.  Frank and I were talking about how beauty and self-image fit into the sections of the wheel.   So that is what we will be talking about over the next few posts.  The first section that jumped out to me was Career.  Have you heard the phrase ‘dress for the job you want’?  It is important to think about your hair and makeup style as you are thinking about your work wardrobe.  Take time to figure out what image you want to project to your boss and co-workers, and then do it.  How does hair style fit into people’s lives? You have a day look and an evening look; the day should match your career and the evening should match your personality.  There should be collaboration between you and your stylist to achieve 2 looks with the same cut. Saloon recently tweeted about having fun with your hair for the weekend; that’s a great idea; why not show your personality with some cool braids, messy bun, up-do or a blow out? A To succeed at work,  in your career or in life, dress and look like the person you want to be, you will feel more confident and others will notice, but most importantly you will notice.  Angela Smith

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